Return policy

Cancellation & Refund policy.

When you Order the book which Out-of-Stock in publisher side?
If the Ordered book is out-of-stock, we will suggest and replace any book with same cost or refund the entire amount to your account.

How do I return an ordered book on
You can return an ordered book only if the book had been damaged in transit. Please call us at +91-98414 85116 for any help.
Please return the book via Indian Postal Service and we will credit the postal charges to your bank account on receiving the book.
For any damages during transit, we will send you a new copy as soon as possible at no extra cost.
During dispatch, we always ensure that the book is fresh and without any damage.

When and how can I cancel an order?
You can cancel an order before it reaches the “Order shipped” state in your account. You can cancel through email [email protected] with mail subject carrying “ORDER CANCELLATION # Order Id”.
Or call us at +91-98414 85116.